Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Blog Theory and the Pattern of Rhizome

It's quite apropos that the discussions of rhizome and network theory found here take place on a blog--a quintessential example of rhizome merging with modern technology. In fact, I'm consciously trying to use this blog as a model for the viability of rhizome in the modern world.

Are there any blog theorists out there who care to offer advice?

How can I consciously mold this blog into a stronger rhizome node? I plan to add a search engine to it, and to consider categorizing my posts. I am actively looking for complementary blogs for link-exchanges and content exchange. I plan to improve the graphic header to the blog shortly. I am working to joing a number of web rings, as network is the real strength of the pattern of Rhizome. I am also attempting to make the blog experience more interactive, possibly by adding a sideblog for personal journaling that is open to public posting. I plan to work on my book lists (expand them and categorize them), and other outside links (also expand and categorize).

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating post. Applying the rhizome model to blogs is so obvious, I'm surprised I haven't seen it in the blogosphere before.

How can I consciously mold this blog into a stronger rhizome node?The key is not to make your own page function-rich, but to encourage traffic flows from the other nodes (ie popular blogs). The easiest way is to link to relevant posts in popular nodes — trackback will lead their readers (and perhaps more importantly, their authors) to you.