Monday, February 14, 2005

Why are we in Iraq??

Raymond Kraft has written a polemic entitled "Why are we in Iraq?". It's an interesting question. While Kraft's piece utterly fails to provide the honest answer, in so doing it manages to provide a very accurate picture of why we are in Iraq: because Kraft's brand of disinformation and irrational-emotional smokescreen has effectively silenced the very people who could have stood up to the policies of the present administration.

Read Kraft's piece here:


Anonymous said...

Why don't you liberals read the Deulfeur report. Then you will understand that Saddam was gearing up for WMD's on a major scale. Skip Crist

Jeff Vail said...

The contents of the Duelfer Report don't rescue Kraft's piece from emotional appeals, blatant irrationality and historical inaccuracy. They also don't demonstrate that "Saddam was gearing up for WMD's on a major scale". Coincidentally, that statement is further undermined by the fact that we haven't found any physical or doccumentary evidence of such a "gearing up" in the past 2 years of occupying Iraq. Hmmm...

As for the report itself, it has since been widely discredited as a tool of propaganda (To use standard Intelligence Community language, when the CIA releases a report for public consumption, it is "intended to influence rather than inform"). For example, take a look at the report's epigraph, a quote from Saddam Hussein:

"We will never lower our heads as long as we live, even if we have to destroy everybody."

Let me tell you from personal experience: within the US intelligence community, if you put an epigraph like that on any serious report, you'd be laughed out of the room. Coincidentally, that quote also plays on the cultural differences between the Arab world and America... which is exactly why the report led off with it.

Intended to influence rather than inform