Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Media Distortion in Coverage of Lebanon Rally?

I certainly can't demonstrate intent here, but observe the disparity in the number of people each news source says turned out at the recent pro-Syria rally in Beirut:

CNN: "Tens of thousands of pro-Syrian protesters"

BBC: "Hundreds of thousands gather in Lebanon's capital to support Syria"

Corriere de la Sera (Italy): "Beirut, un milione in piazza con gli Hezbollah" (Beirut, a million in the plaza are with Hizb'allah)

Funny thing is, if you plot those numbers on a graph (X axis), along with the relative support for Syria getting out of Lebanon (Y axis), you get a very straight line...

Of course, Foxnews.com reports 500,000, so maybe the trend isn't quite so clear?

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