Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Another Protest Song

I don't normally make music recommendations here--OK, I never have--but there's a first time for everything. I keep hearing how my generation (I'm 27) doesn't have "real" protest music like there was back in the day ("the day" being, of course, the 60's). Mostly, I have to agree--but not because the music isn't there, but rather because it's burried under piles of comercial garbage--99% of the music out there. Some bands use a serious message, but mostly it's marketing. Rebelion sells--in a "how do you afford your rock & roll lifestyle" sort of way. And most of rebellion is just image: the fine lads in Green Day apear to be serious about their message--too bad they don't communicate the meat of it lyrically. Sum 41 made a valiant--if slightly affected--attempt on "Black & Green" (The title itself a reference to primitivism and green-anarchy). But I honestly can't remember the last time that I heard something quite as powerful, poignant and politically charged as Rise Against's latest, A Siren Song for the Counter Culture. Watch the video for "Give It All" on their website, or wait until "Lords of Dogtown"comes out this summer--they perform a Black Flag cover for the soundtrack, and appear in the film.

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Kyle said...

From where I'm sitting, there is a LOT of protest music out there, but virtually none of it is main stream. But thats Clear Channel for you.......we all remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they dissented.

Rise Against's new album is pretty good, politically. I would suggest checking out new albums by NOFX and Bad Religion for starters....they pull out some massive attacks against this administration as well as the religious right. (such as NOFX's 7" release of "there's no fun in fundamentalism"

Its out there, just stop looking on the radio :)