Thursday, July 21, 2005

Odd Goings On...

What's with the weather lately? Is this global warming, an immenent "Day After Tomorrow" scenario, or just a case of hubris to think that the present is somehow unique from the past? Is this a case of "if you look hard enough for anything, you will find it"?

Well, in Denver it was 105 F yesterday, tying an all-time record for temperature at any time of year here.

The 2004 tornado season was the worst in recorded history.

Since 1861 there have been 4 category 3+ hurricanes in the Atlantic/Carribean in July. 2 of those (including the strongest ever in July, Emily) were this year.

Surface temperature of the North Atlantic is the highest in recorded history right now.

And now this, from meteorologist Steve Gregory of Weather Underground (no, not that Weather Underground):

"There are 2 areas of increasing convection this morning, one over the SE Bahamas, and one in the south Central Caribbean. I touched upon these yesterday within the comment section of one of my blogs. These now 2 separate systems actually were all part of one tropical wave that had reached the central Caribbean about 3 days ago. While not unsual to have 2 tropical cyclones going at the same times, to have 2 develop in tandem, this close tongether in this part of the Atlantic basin would be a first."

Odd goings on, indeed...

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Jason Godesky said...

While we're on the subject of odd goings on, this gave me a "holy shit" moment while flipping through channels last night, and resting a moment on the Weather Channel: a massive dust cloud from the Sahara made its way across the Atlantic, and is now casting the Carribean in a deep haze.

Not unprecedented, mind you, but ... impressive, nonetheless.