Saturday, July 23, 2005

War Story

**The following is based on real events, and conversations are repeated verbatim to the best of my memory. Fall 2003.

It was a cold day in the vault. It was always cold in the vault, even thought we were in the middle of the desert (Forgive me, I'm trying to win the Bulwer-Lytton Prize). The phone rang and I was summoned to see our squadron Commander. This was seriously interrupting my game of SnowCraft.

I walked upstairs and into his office. "You rang, sir?"

"Captain Vail... I just got off the phone with General Jones. It looks like we may have to deploy."

"Where to, sir?"

"Bali. Where is that?"

"It's in Indonesia, sir."

"I want you to prepare a country brief, threats, climate, basing possibilities, the usual."

"Did the general say why were are going?"

"Something about terrorists and Algeria."

"Is it possible that he meant Mali, sir? They share a border."

"Hmmm... well, just make preparations for both countries."

"Yes sir."


True story... SNAFU principle in action.


Chuck said...

Ah, the beauty of military intelligence. Nothing quite like a displaced word or number or letter, coupled with the average American's general ignorance of the real world to make for a truly aggravating run-in with a military 'superior.'

Man, oh man, do I love the Navy.

Victor said...

Hi Jeff, you may need to update your index page -- you ATOM feed url is, not what it says in your page's html header

Keep up the good work.