Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Patriot Act II... Worse than Sister Act II

You've probably already heard about the Patriot Act II, otherwise known as the Domestic Security Enhancement Act. There are the usual complaints: these changes are permanent (no sunset clause), and they expand counter-terrorism powers to things not at all related to terrorism.

Today I listened to a presentation by International Terrorism Law specialist Claude d'Estree, who is also an advisor to US Northern Command. He let us in on an interesting clause (specifically, an executive interpretation based on a clause): If you are designated as a terrorist (something that requires no disclosure and permits no appeal), and you are a naturalized citizen, your citizenship is revoked. No more due process for you! As precedent, they use the revocation of citizenship to former-Nazis who are later found to have committed war crimes at concentration camps.

Fun times... let me be the first to ask: what kind of new legislation will the fallout from Katrina bring? Get ready for it.


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