Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Face of the Problem

The Chevy Tahoe "Hybrid." In so many ways, this encapsulates the intractable nature of the problems facing us at present. It gets 21 MPG, but look at how green that forest background is!


Anonymous said...

Craftily rework with your welding skillz - old bike components, leftover steel tubing, wheelchair batteries and washing machine motor...

and Voila! http://www.atomiczombie.com/product-longranger.htm

or my personal favorite, Sparky


Theo_musher said...

There is a hybrid escalade coming out too.

Rice Farmer said...

Yea, I love these car ads. Here in Japan too cars are often shown in a natural setting, whizzing along on country roads with hardly any other cars in sight. The reality, however, is that we do very little whizzing, and a lot of cursing in traffic jams.

Theo_musher said...

My favorite commercial is the one with the car made out of twigs.

Anonymous said...

If you exchange our 17.5 MPH vehicles for the 35 MPH version and drive 50% less. Well we have a 75% reduction in consumption. Work 4-10 days, post office move to 2 or 3 day a week delivery. Combine trips. These new hybrids are for the birds. Just think each fill up still requires the reduction of one year of food for a fellow human.


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