Monday, July 07, 2008

We-Think & Rhizome Design

Limited posts for this Monday and the next two Mondays as I'm studying for the Bar exam on July 29th. As time allows (or the need for a study break dictates) I'll try to include something of substance.

This week, a follow-up on last week's post on rhizome platform design, I'm recommending the book "We Think" by Charles Leadbeater. The book, itself a product of open-source collaboration, details open-source design efforts around the world, from Wikipedia to the Grameen Bank (just for good measure, I'll link to Grameen Bank via Wikipedia...). Leadbeater is probably the world's leading thinker on the future of open-source collaboration, so, while he is not specifically focused on the core rhizome concepts of self-sufficiency, decentralization, and eliminating dependencies, his theories are potential sources of inspiration.

You can read the draft of his book free at his site, or watch his You Tube video on the topic. You can also buy it on Amazon, though I had to get my copy as a UK import--not sure when it will be available mass market in the US.


Robert Martini said...

I just finished the theory of power, and the dencentralist meme has gained another fighter for its cause. The centralist meme must be marginalized and out-competed. Excellent works Jeff, I got caught onto these ideas through theoildrum Problem of Growth post which helped me too realize the underlying problems of peak oil. This book probably changed my life, Thanks.

I have some theories and ideas on how to get to rhizome that I will be discussing with you in the future. An open source collaboration if you will. I would say your the father of rhizome but that would imply a level of status, you are more just the first spore that has landed in my area, of the decentralist meme.

Best of luck,

rich said...

I look forward to reading Leadbeter's work....may have to wait until I get some unruly steers fenced in better, though

Good luck on the bar!

Anonymous said...

Charles Leadbeater, now there's a name to conjure with...

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