Tuesday, December 01, 2009

About Rhizome

My Name is Jeff Vail--I'm an author and attorney in Denver, Colorado.

My writing focuses on the problems facing our civilization as viewed through the lens of the structure and terrain of human interaction.  Specifically:

- The Problem of Growth (the hierarchal nature of our civilization demands growth, and is therefore unsustainable).
- Hierarchy vs. Rhizome:  the inefficiency of hierarchal coordination, and the potential for consciously scale-free, networked self-sufficiency ("Rhizome").
- The New Map: a critique of the notion that Nation-States will continue to dominate our world.
- The Diagonal Economy:  my proposal for transition to a sustainable and fulfilling economic and political structure during the coming (and ongoing) catabolic collapse of our present structure.

I try to apply this theoretical framework to topics where I have specific experience from my current career as an attorney and my previous career as an intelligence officer and counterterrorism analyst:  geopolitics, energy, law, and economics.

Readers may also want to purchase (or download for free) my book, A Theory of Power.  Look for a second book (synthesizing the topics listed above) in the (relatively) near future.  In the meanwhile, I try to post to this blog every Monday morning, and I contribute articles to The Oil Drum about once a month.  Please feel free to contact me via email--I do my best to respond quickly, but I apologize in advance if it takes me a few days.

Sailing off Panarea, Italy:

Rhizome is published every Monday morning.  You can subscribe to this blog's RSS feed at:  http://www.jeffvail.net/rss.xml

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