Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Distributed Manufacturing Contest

Appologies for the slow posting of late--I anticipate more time issues in my life over the the next month or so (ASPO conference this weekend, baby due in two weeks, more "real" work than I can handle at the moment).  That said, the good people at Ponoko were kind enough to offer me a coupon for free use of their system thanks to my article last week mentioning them (I have no financial/other relationship with Ponoko, and as the comments to that post point out, they're just one of many different faces of the coming distributed manufacturing revolution).

So...  since I clearly don't have time to design something at the moment, I'm going to hold my first ever blog contest.  If anyone is interested, I'll offer my Ponoko coupon to the person that comes up with the best "primary goods" design (see last week's article for definition of "primary," but basically I'm looking for something that will increase localized self-sufficiency and resiliency).  All I ask is that the winner send me a picture of the final product that I can post here.  Submissions can come in any format (I don't need the actual file format used by Ponoko for input), and can be posted in the comments or emailed to me.  Deadline is the end of October.