Friday, January 01, 2010

Resilient Suburbia (TOC)

Here is a consolidated table of contents to my four-part series, "Resilient Suburbia?":

1.  Resilient Suburbia:  Sunk Costs and Credit Markets (also at The Oil Drum)

2.  Resilient Suburbia:  Cost of Commuting (also A Resilient Suburbia? 2: Cost of Commuting)

3.  Resilient Suburbia:  Weighing the Potential for Self-Sufficiency  (also at The Oil Drum)

4.  Resilient Suburbia:  Accounting for the Value of Decentralization (also at The Oil Drum)

This series primarily analyzes the standard Peak Oil critique of suburbia--that it is unsustainable and will collapse.  While I agree with this insofar as we conceptualize suburbia as a static thing, this series also challenges that notion and points to the significant (perhaps even trailblazing) potential for suburbia to adapt to future challenges.  In that sense, it should be read in conjunction with my Diagonal Economy series, which is a much more detailed account of exactly how we can build a vibrant and sustainable civilization despite energy descent (and how Suburbia can play a significant and positive role in this transition).

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