Friday, July 19, 2013

The Oil Drum

Sadly, one of my favorite websites (and a website where I was previously a contributing author),, is shutting down (actually converting to an archive, there will just be no new content).  There are a variety of reasons for this, but in my opinion it doesn't reflect that energy has become any less central to questions about our civilization or its future.

A few articles I wrote for TOD in the past that are still worth considering (perhaps more so now than ever):

Oil Demand Destruction & Brittle Systems

Geopolitical Feedback Loops in Peak Oil

The Renewables Gap

Predator-Prey Dynamics in Demand Destruction and Oil Prices

Some weekend reading...

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ryan said...

don't forget to add "The Problem of Growth" to the list.

sad to see TOD going idle. the Public Intelligence blog has been taking off in recent months - - i'm sure they would greatly appreciate some of your contributions.